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Let me Produce your next event!   


I'll help you execute an intimate unforgettable party with ease…

Are you an novice event planner or up + coming socialite who wants to plan an amazing party, or luxury gathering– without  feeling overwhelmed and overworked? If the answer's yes, than you're in the right place because I can plan an unforgettable, stress-free event with my eyes closed and I'm here to help you do it too. 

As a professional content producer I've helped execute everything from daytime television to live entertainment events. Over time, I've mastered the art of preparation, delegation, shock, awe and logistics. So, if you're tired hosting the regular, smegular kind of party that leaves you feeling drained and the engagement forgettable, I'm your girl!

You need me to consult if you:

  • Are a new party planner who falls short on execution 
  • Are a novice host that fears no one will attend your next event (because of failed events in the past)
  • Are a total introvert who despises the idea of planning and hosting 
  • Want a pinterest worthy party but your decor skills are lack luster
  • Have an amazing event idea but the thought of doing it solo is overwhelming 
  • You have a DIY spirit but planning + logistics but aren't your thing
  • Adore intimate settings that are amazingly memorable and want to know how to curate one yourself

Here's how we can work TOGETHER


You'll tell me a little about the event and I'll provide tips, processes and DETAILED RECOMMENDATIONS to take your celebration to the next level!

As your consultant, I'll provide you with the plan and tools you need to execute and host an amazing event. I specialize in intimate and memorable experiences, therefore I prefer to consult for events for 100 people or less. I truly believe that the more exclusive the guest list the more exclusive the experience and personal exchange. Keeping the guests to a minimum helps to enhance the ambiance, decor and budget. 


Your consulting package 1 includes:

  • Venue recommendations  or think of an unique location to empress your guests and create an welcoming environment that fosters connection and celebration

  • Unique decor and party favor ideas that have meaning and truly tie into the culture of the event. 
  • Best Practice Guide for hosting intimate experiences that includes, how and who to hire, where to splurge, where to save and how to up the impact
  • Party planning timeline so you can keep track of your deadlines pre- party 
  • An event run down so you know how your celebration should flow the day of and how to delegate tasks. 
  • Recommended types of partnerships/sponsorships (if this applies to your event)
  • Mood board to help you and your team (vendors or family) better understand the vision and expectation 
  • 2 one on one calls ( and tons of email correspondence) to review the details prior to the party

Don't have a decor idea, or theme in mind?

Don't worry! I'll offer you 3 decor/theme options with a different look and feel to each depending on your needs.  


Investment $250

Package 2: Lets Take it up a notch!


This package includes everything in package 1 plus style recommendations because lets be honest, you're out here living your best life!

You'll get package 1 +

  • 3 outfit/style suggestions based on your personal preferences and event type
  • Recommendations for make-up + hair looks
  •  Style seat recommendations based on artists/stylist available in your city


Its like having a digital party planner and PERSONAL stylist all in one Without the $1000+ price tag!


Investment $325

Why invest? Because You're tired of wasting your time, money and efforts on forgettable moments

  • You want an unforgettable event on a modest budget
  • You want chic on budget, and packaged professionalism 
  • You want effortless planning with big results
  • You have a vision but need help with execution
  • You tend to over-spend and need this event to have a major impact for less


IS it really worth the cost?

Yes, if you want professional assistance, truly value the details of a memorable experience, and want to avoid the cost of a traditional party planner (usually upwards of $75 per hour)

Is the consulting fee included in my Party budget?

No, my service fee should be considered separate from your personal party budget

What does party consulting mean?

Party/event consulting means I'll provide all the tools, info and recommendations you need to execute your event on your own or with a team. Meaning I do not physically attend (unless negotiated), host or partake in the party planning festivities.  

Are you a traditional party planner?

Nope, I'm your favorite planners favorite planner! I've got an advanced skill-set as a NYC media producer and marketing consultant. Meaning, I can provide production industry insight most traditional planners cannot.

What should my budget look like?

The beauty of intimate parties are that they have smaller budgets. Depending on what you're hosting your budget could range from $300 for a enhanced dinner engagement to a $10K for a modest shabby chic wedding.

What kind of events have you planned?

  • Weddings (Whether courthouse or traditional, they're all special)
  • Workshops (entrepreneurial, tech, empowerment, education, panel talks) 
  • Birthday parties
  • Bridal showers + Bridal Retreat
  • Live events
  • Women's retreats
  • Groom's Kickback 
  • Welcoming party 
  • Empowerment Brunch
  • Chic dinner parties (at home or away)
  • Vacation Celebrations 
  • Various Photoshoots

Whats the typical lead time?

It depends on the project but typically I need 6 weeks minimum to help plan your event


Take a look at past events i've curated below:


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Still not sure if it's a good fit?

Email me for a free quick 15min consulting session where you can ask questions and determine if this partnership is worth the investment! Include a brief description of your intimate event  and the experience you hope to create. Please indicate if you're a party planner or host and have an idea of budget in mind. 

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