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Less Fear

More Opportunity   



You've done the work in real life and now you're ready to tell the world who you are, what you do and how well you do it...

But you're confused about where to start. You want to stand out in your industry and make yourself more marketable in hopes to land that speaking engagement, new client, press opportunity or upcoming promotion however, the idea of sharing your life online, going live in front of strangers and publicly promoting yourself is overwhelming.  

I get it. Self promotion is scary and fear is paralyzing. That's why you need someone to guide you beyond your limits.  With practice, you can learn how to not only celebrate but leverage every win. 

During this two-part masterclass I'll help you overcome your fear. I'll teach you how to combine your personal and professional brand story while you learn strategies that ease the pressure of developing and sharing content online. You'll use your authentic voice to craft a brand that is meaningful, marketable and profitable. 


stop playing it small 

craft a brand that works as hard as you do




Learn to articulate your value and help fill industry gaps by creating solutions using your personal + professional expertise.

we'll cover:

  • What makes you valuable both personally and professionally 
  • How to answer "what you do" without hesitation
  • Who your expertise can best serve + how to connect  with them
  • How to share our value online with certainty and creditability 



professionally present profit

Plan to profit from your value and authentic voice. Use your unique market value to create new financial and professional opportunities.

We'll cover:

  • Personal and professional intention? Discover what do you really want to accomplish + learn to map out the return on your investment.
  • Paid products + services you can offer 
  • How to create career opportunities through powerful content creation


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Raise awareness to your brand, highlight your expertise, and build credibility by strategically positioning yourself.

We'll cover:

  • What kind of content you should create to increase position that content
  • How to create content, simply and efficiently
  • How to communicate your message clearly using tech, tools, and intuition
  • How to use your authentic voice to stand out  

Investment $257

What previous clients are Saying


Keianna Johnsohn

Keianna Johnson brittany dandy testimonial

DC based natural hair stylist, Published author, blogger

After attending your workshop last year I have ben more transparent on my blog and more comfortable going live. I hope you teach another workshop this this. I will be in the front row!
— Kieanna Johnson, Brand Owner


I used to be you

I was hesitant to put myself out there, nervous about what others would think and how being so very visible online would effect me professionally.  I thought my hard work spoke for itself and that excelling was enough to get me noticed, recognized and gaining momentum but the truth is becoming a game-changer within your industry takes so much more than whats in your job description. In order to stand out, you've got to take control of your trajectory and become beyond intentional about your endeavors.

Understand that everything you want is in reach. You  just need to get strategic and clear on what you want and who you serve.

Trust me

I've been a content creator for close to a decade, honing my skills in journalism and digital marketing at a host of respected brands such as, Black Enterprise Magazine, CBS, EBONY, BET, The New York Academy of Sciences, and  jewelry brand Alex and Ani, to name a few. In the past 3 years I've booked speaking engagements, landed international clients, booked press with popular outlets and created my own job opportunities simple because I decided to take control of my brand and build an online presence. 

Your hesitation is costing you opportunity

Exposure, value and creative content aren't  just terms used to by "creative entrepreneurs" and the truth is you don't have to already be an entrepreneur to think like one. No matter your profession you deserve to make the most of your expertise and your talents. After this  masterclass you'll be able to move forward with the clarity and confidence you need to build a strong professional presence online. 


How it Works

This 2.5 hour masterclass is broken up into two 1hour and 15 min modules. The first will cover the fundamentals of brand building, understanding value, story development, brand positioning and creating visibility. The second half will cover content creation, strategy, partnerships and profit.

You'll receive:

Value and visibility workbook

social media audit

partnership template email

best brand building practices for online


This class is a good fit if:

  • You're an industry professional seeking to use your expertise to create opportunity and develop credibility 
  • You need help articulating your value and positioning yourself as an expert in your industry
  • You want to marry your personal and professional values to create one cohesive brand
  • You need help identifying and connecting to your audience 
  • You need a content plan that speaks to your audience and fits your lifestyle
  • You're willing to do the group + independent work to build your online presence 

This class is not a good fit if you:

  • Aren't willing to try new ways to promote yourself online
  • Aren't willing to create digital content 
  • Aren't willing to carve out time to do the work build an online presence