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You Were born a brand!

From the moment you began to have preferences, learn new new things, master old things, build relationships, join communities, and think of enterprising ideas you were slowly but surely building the foundation for the brand that is uniquely you! 


However You're frustrated because building a brand that feels uniquley personal but remains professional can seem overwhelming! 

We'll lets stop wasting time debating what parts of your personality to leave behind and what values you'll need to abandon to land that dream job you've always wanted. This branding workbook shows you how to combine your personal and professional needs as well as solve the following problems:

  • Help you to figure out what a personal brand is and highlight personal brand elements worth talking about

  • Teach you how to align personal and professional goals
  • Work to define brand voice, audience, + purpose 
  • Identify preferred communication social media methods
  • Create a plan and commit to your brand's growth


This 20 page workbook will give you a place to write down and sort through all of your preexisting brand qualities. As you work, you’ll have the opportunity to acknowledge your passions, hard skills, soft skills, professional expertise, values and lifestyle factors in effort to better understand your brand and your brand’s direction. 

Each exercise will help you to highlight brand elements and align them with your overall goals. You’ll even find assistance in setting new goals and experience accountability check points along the way, to keep you honest and on track.


Read the Reviews!

As a fitness trainer building my brand, I struggle with how to develop and market it. The workbook was helpful in a number of ways. It allowed me to have a clear picture of what I was doing in my business, who I was reaching, and how I stand apart from everyone else in my industry.

Another way it helped me, was that it allowed me to link my personal attributes to my professional ones and strengthen the integrity of my brand. It was something that I had never thought about doing + opened me to a new way of looking at my brand.
— Umax of Umaxercise Fitness

Take a stab at organizing who you are + what you do all while keeping your personality intact!