The 2018 Push: Looking Back to Move Forward

Looking back to move forward cover.png

It’s true, sometimes we have to look back in order to find the power, purpose and strength to move forward. I learned that recently as I forced myself to recap 2017 in its entirety.

Before then, I’d spent the past few weeks nurturing my self-esteem. Quietly coaxing myself to simply keep pushing while the world seemed to be planning out 2018 with the purest of courage + reverence. Don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t quit but I def slow from time to time because the truth is, the hustle, the dream, the process, the journey—whatever you call it, is mentally taxing if you’re committed. And anyone who preaches “money over mood” or “ Your goals don’t care about your feelings” without context, references, or resources isn’t offering you their truth. And that’s a fact.

We’re so quick to quote our favorite motivators and influencers without ever taking a walk in their shoes. Without even feeling compelled to pass on their entire truth. Those we admire usually make it clear that they arrived at points of peace or achieved success in stages. They sought help, took risks, and sat quietly in mournful moments with over-qualified confidants before spewing your favorite “No f*cks given” mantra.

The reality is, this journey is a winding one. Entrepreneur, 9 to 5er, mommy, wifey, lifer, loner— whatever you’re self-titled, the journey is not given. It’s taken. And it’s not always packaged for IG, serenaded by Cardi B, or #BlackGirlMagic approved. But the one constant Is that’s it’s yours. Own it, nurture it, morn it, bend over and look back at it like, “Damn girl, we did that?” All of that?  Then hit a solo professional level twerk that says “Hell yes we did!”. Because sometimes that level of unapologetic self-praise is exactly what we need to move forward. It’s the perfect physical affirmation to entice us to keep pushing! 

If you’re like me, maybe 2018 didn’t pop off with a master plan but maybe it hit with an astounding reflection. A reflection that reminded you that consistency wins the race, that our mental does matter, and in order to achieve sometimes we must first grieve. Maybe it reminded you that your past successful habits fostered hella success in 2017, and maybe you just weren’t paying attention.

Above all, I hope it reminded you that all the love, joy, time and momentum you need exists. That its present in the universe all around you. It lives within your efforts, accomplishments and daily moves. I promise, you are all you need to reflect on.