Understanding Your Value + Creating Visibility (Plus Video + Free Mini Guide)

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If you’ve ever struggled to demonstrate your expertise, opted not to share your worth or been hesitant to tell the the world your story, you're missing out on living your best life! By choosing not to put yourself out there and become visible, you've unknowingly decided not to increase the value of your personal and professional brand. Don't worry it's not all your fault. We've all been taught that showing up without showing out is enough, but I'm here to tell you that it isn't! 

You've been passively present

Being present and working hard are great initial steps in the journey towards success however along the way, you may find yourself stagnant, overworked, underpaid and/or over-looked if you refuse to assess your value and confidently promote your ideas, expertise and capabilities.

When I first began to develop my expertise, I too, believed that being present, being able and being overly wiling to work hard was enough to encourage people to take notice however, after feeling over-looked and realizing I was underpaid, I determined that a successful hustle, of any kind would require much more.

I realized that the kind of success I wanted would require me to create my own line of visibility and to invest in my own value. Doing so would allow me to showcase my abilities, and  better engage in my roles and responsibilities, while proving that i was much more than simply  “present”. It proved I was competent, compelling and capable! 

Building value was my initial step towards building a personal brand. It forced me to evaluate what I brought to my position, industry, and personal relationships. Once I took account of what I had to offer the world, I had no issue sharing my talents, skills and gifts therefore, crating visibility  was a natural next step. 

Lets get you started! 

I've created a 6 page quick guide to help multi-level professionals, including entrepreneurs, 9-5’ers, advanced students, and anyone seeking a much needed push, proudly share their greatness and expertise with others. In the guide, I’ll explain:

  • How visibility and value work hand in hand to promote your brand
  • Value and visibility as it relates to work and life
  • How to identify and account for your value 
  • How to map a simple visibility plan 

Once you've taken your value into account and began to create visibility around those value points, you'll find that you've, unknowingly, began to build a foundation for your personal brand. This is great but this also means that you should take your time and really think about what you bring to the table. We wouldn't want to build an entire brand on a false foundation, now would we?

If you want to learn more about how to identify your personal and profession value and how to practice visibility be sure to download the value and visibility quick guide below! Oh and did i mention it comes with a video blog where I share my insight on visibility and value for brand building!


Get Your Free Quick Value + Visibility Guide!

Plus the video where I chat value + visibility during my morning commute! #Multitasking

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Brittany Dandy