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Use these affirmation laced worksheets to plan a meaningful work and wellness week filled with intention and mindfulness. Each page features a unique affirmation, a space for daily goal setting and an intention block to keep you focused and high spirited! 

What you can expect:


7 bold and uplifting affirmations

You'll begin each day with an affirmation designed to motivate, and empower you. Trust, these aren't your ordinary mantras. I took my time to craft each phrase to fit the lifestyle and needs of the determined and ambitious. When we're on our path to greatness, we sometimes grow weary, but you and I both know that the road to success is paved with resilience and these affirmations are created to lead the way!   


Dedicated areas to jot down daily goals

Yes, I to have the memory of an elephant but when the to-do list is long, there's a possible we'll forget those small yet meaningful daily goals. This workbook will give you a designated area to write your most important goal each day. Your new ambition should be well thought out and personal to you. Writing down your goals helps to reinforce your memory and your dedication towards completion. And don't worry, you'll never have to search for that crumpled post-it ever again because each aspiration will be neatly written on your daily worksheets. 


Intention blocks to note personal motivation behind each goal

"Why the hell am I doing this?" Words I mumble to myself when the simple #ISH in life gets complicated for absolutely no reason. The intention space of your workbook allows you to write down why you chose to do the #werk serving as a personal reminder. After setting your daily goal, you'll also write down why you're pursuing it. When moments of frustration come up, look to your notes to recall why each task is so very important to you. Remember to be intentional and honest in this area.

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