5 Things You Can Expect from the Official You Were Born a Brand Workbook

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From the moment you began to have preferences, learn new things, master old things, build relationships, join communities, and think of enterprising ideas you were slowly but surely building the foundation for the brand that is uniquely you! 

This 20-page workbook will give you a place to write down and sort through all of your pre-existing brand qualities. As you work, you’ll have the opportunity to acknowledge your passions, hard skills, soft skills, professional expertise, values and lifestyle factors in-effort-to better understand your brand and your brand’s direction. 

Each exercise will help you to highlight brand elements and align them with your overall goals. You’ll even find assistance in setting new goals and experience accountability checkpoints along the way, to keep you honest and on track. 

Here's what to expect:

1. Identify personal brand elements

You aren't sure of what exactly makes you a brand, or authentic for that matter. This workbook will help you highlight brand elements unique to your personal and professional personality. Remember, there's only one you! It's time to uncover and define the qualities that matter the most. 


2. Learn how to align personal and professional brand goals

The reality is, we live 1 life, not 2. But learning to remain authentic while also remains professional can be a struggle however, when we take a look at our values, personality, and learning styles there's not much difference between who we are personally and professionally. In this workbook, you'll take a look at both areas of your life and create goals that fit your combined persona. 


3. Brand audience brainstorm

While identifying your brand, you'll also have the opportunity to briefly define who you believe your audience might be. Now, nailing down the right target audience will require much more than a brainstorm, however, this brief exercise encourages you to begin thinking about your brand audience and how you plan to appeal to your market. 


4. Identify preferred communication and social media methods

We all have different ways of communicating and it's important to identify which method works best for you especially when locking down a preferred social media platform. Do you prefer verbal, written or visual communication? Or a combination of two? If you're not sure, don't worry, there's a quick exercise to help you decide which type of communication may best fit your ideas and preferred methods. 


5. Create a plan and commit to your brand's growth

Before it's all said and done, you'll craft a commitment plan that caters to your brand's growth. You'll decide how much time you want to commit each week to developing your brand and exactly what you want to accomplish. It may be completing the individual worksheets in your workbook or additional tasks you've set for yourself. Either way, you'll be able to write down your to-do list and re-visit it whenever there's a need. Get the, "You Were Born a Brand Workbook", below!


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The workbook was helpful in a number of ways. It allowed me to have a clear picture of what I was doing in my business, who I was reaching, and how I stand apart from everyone else in my industry.
— Umax of Umaxercise Fitness